Goulee Rouge 2018 Magnum (Case of 3)

14% | 150cl

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Tasting Notes:
  • Colour: This vintage showcases a deep and vibrant ruby-red color, signifying its youth and vitality.
  • Nose: The bouquet is expressive and aromatic, offering fragrant notes of red and black fruits, including cherries, blackberries, and plums, with subtle hints of cedar and earthiness, creating an inviting and nuanced aroma.
  • Finish: On the palate, Goulee Rouge 2018 Magnum reveals a harmonious blend of flavors, with ripe red and black fruit, complemented by a touch of spice. The wine features a smooth and supple texture with well-integrated tannins, leading to a balanced and medium to long finish.


Goulee Rouge 2018 Magnum (Case of 3)

Goulee Rouge 2018 Magnum launched its 3 bottles into 1 case.

Goulee Rouge 2018 Magnum, a remarkable Bordeaux wine, originates from the esteemed winery Chateau Goulee, situated in the Médoc region. Founded under the expertise of the renowned Chateau Cos d’Estournel, Chateau Goulee upholds a tradition of excellence in winemaking.

Nurtured by the exceptional terroir of the Médoc, the vineyards at Chateau Goulee are predominantly planted with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, carefully tended to produce wines of exceptional quality. This winery, driven by a commitment to sustainable practices and innovation, is dedicated to preserving the essence of the Médoc in every bottle.

Goulee Rouge 2018 Magnum encapsulates the very essence of Chateau Goulee, offering a glimpse into its dedication to crafting wines that express the rich character of the Médoc terroir. Each sip reveals the timeless legacy and commitment to quality that defines Chateau Goulee, making it a prized addition to Bordeaux’s winemaking heritage.

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