Chateau Pavillon Rouge 2018

Chateau Pavillon Rouge 2018

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Tasting Notes:

  • Due to its massive size and diverse array of soils, the wines of Margaux are quite varied. While not the most concentrated, powerful or tannic wines of Bordeaux, they can be the most elegant, sensuous, refined and perfumed.
  • With scents of flowers, especially violets and lilacs, the wines also offer when mature; scents of truffle, cigar box, earth, cherry, plum and tobacco.
  • While the levels of concentration, ripeness and depth vary widely, depending on the terroir and desire of the winemaker, the tannins can display unmatched levels of elegance. However, don’t let that the softness fool you into thinking the wines do not age well. The best Margaux wines can age gracefully for several decades.
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Chateau Pavillon Rouge 2018

Chateau Pavillon Rouge 2018


Chateau Pavillon Rouge 2018

Chateau Pavillon Rouge 2018, The production of a second wine probably goes back to the beginning of the XVII century because it is inseparable from the search for excellence which started at that time.

Sold under the name of “Château Margaux 2nd wine”, it took its permanent name of Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux in 1908. After an eclipse between the thirties and the mid-seventies, its production restarted on the arrival of André Mentzelopoulos in 1977 and at first greatly increased in order to improve the quality of the first wine. From the mid – 1990s, the creation of a third wine in its turn, allowed for a more and more rigorous selection for Pavillon Rouge. For a few years now, a third of the harvest has gone into the first wine, barely 30% into the Pavillon Rouge, and the remainder is divided between the third and fourth wines.

The quality of Pavillon Rouge has become very close to that of the first wine because all the plots involved contributed to the blending of Château Margaux not so long ago. Of course there isn’t the same complexity, the same depth, the same “magic” but the flavours are close and the balance in the mouth leads to the same subtle senses of power and softness. In general it is ready to drink a little earlier whilst retaining an excellent potential to age largely beyond 30 or 40 years.

At the tasting, this wine combines everything you can expect from a Premier Grand Cru Classé: the finesse and freshness of a magical terroir, and the complexity and aromatic richness worthy of the know-how of the Château Margaux’s teams. We then obtain a wine with obviously exceptional aging potential. For years, the first wine of Château Margaux is considered by all to be one of the greatest wines in the world.


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